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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Let me tell you about Denver.

I was in Cartimar, the everything and anything pet related place last Wednesday to buy a cage for the transferring of my cats from Makati to Taguig (where our new house is located). I passed by a small stall and saw a couple of Whippets. I was curious and I came up to them. Then a small cage with an over- sized Golden Retriever inside caught my eye.

I guess it was love at first sight for me and for the dog. In a small, cold, and damp cage is where I saw this pitiful dog. When I inserted my finger to touch him in one of the openings of the cage. His tail wagged and he started rubbing his nose on my finger. He is such an affectionate dog.

I never did plan on getting another dog since I have three. But my heart was literally broken when I saw the condition of this dog. And I even felt more sad when I heard his story.

This dog was owned by a couple who resides in Paranaque. When the two landed stable jobs, they didn't have time anymore to take care of the dog, so they decided to sell him. He's two years old and three months already. In fact, the couple was so busy, that they didn't get to give the dog a name!

Even if I was on a budget deficit, I shelled out cash with the help of mom, so I could give him a new home, and a new chance at life. When he got home, he got quickly got used in the household since he's house- broken already. And he's so happy because he has new friends (my Labrador, Dipstick, and my Beagle, Duke)!

And this dog always comes to me. He lies on my feet, sits beside me, and wags his tail at the sight of me. And he is such an obedient dog! I can even walk him around the village without a leash on his collar!

My lovely readers, I present to you, DENVER. :)

Look at that handsome face! :)

No more small cages, no more damp floors, and no more spoiled food. You're home Denver! :)

**Denver is at19kgs, and is underweight for an adult Golden Retriever. He has fleas when I got him, but I treated him recently with Front Line. He also has "Helium", a white film on his left eye, which was caused by hair piercing his eyes, and soap drying out inside his eyes after bathing. Cartimar is infamous for its below standard pet shops, where animals are caged in tiny and dirty cages, and they don't get the right treatment that they need.

Monday, January 17, 2011



I am very sorry for the lack of posts. My grandmother already passed away. I was depressed and I didn't feel like surfing the net nor checking my facebook.

But like what people say, LIFE GOES ON. And I am happy that she is in a much better place where there's no hurt nor pain.

Anyway, let me start the post by showing you some of my accumulated hauls.

Final Christmas gifts from people.

A dashing diva haul.

I bite my nails a lot. So I'll find out for myself how this dashing diva don't bite nail polish works for me. :)

Finally! A Marry me! perfume by Lanvin. I soo wanted to get one. So when I found out that my supplier has it, I immediately payed for one! And I'm off to brokeland again. Oh how I hate impulse buying sometimes. But for this purchase, it's all worth it. :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Here's an initial review on ELF CREAM EYELINER IN BLACK

PRICE: 249.75PHP


First of all, I am very sorry for the lack of posts this past week. I am currently starting my thesis production, and you know how busy it gets when you're doing your thesis. This may be long overdue, but I can't wait to share this amazing find with my dear readers.

I love using cream liners because:

1. The finish is matte
2. Looks more natural
3. Defines the eyes better
4. Non- sticky
5. Non- sting (unless you poke your eye with the brush with the cream liner)

Other swear by Shu Uemura and Bobbi Brown's gel liner. But we all know that cream eye liners are very prone to drying. I'm sure you won't be able to finish a pot in a year, not unless you use it for face or body painting.

So before you dry out your thousand bucks by purchasing an expensive cream eyeliner, let me tell (and convince) you that you are better off with ELF's Cream eye liner.

It's cheap. So is the brush and the plastic jar packaging. But heck! You're after the product! But mind you, the brush applicator might fall off of the handle. Just be sure to have a super glue in handy. I love the brush so much because it perfectly applies the liner on my eyes!

Jar is small, which means it won't eat up too much space in your make up kit. And as you can see, there's just a small amount of the product. But since we're talking about drying cream eyeliners, who needs a tub?

top shot. :)

Here's a swatch of the eyeliner. On the left part, I smudged the liner, and I didn't on the right one. As you can see, the liner is pigmented!

Here's the product on my eyes. Can I just commend myself for a perfect winged line here? HAHAHAHA. :)

For reference, I have oily lids, and I didn't put any eye primers.

Anyway, you have to be careful when applying cream eyeliners. One wrong stroke, and you're off to reapplying your make- up. So be sure to have a steady hand, open your mouth a bit, and concentrate. DON'T RUSH!

Now you see the reason why I love cream eyeliners so much? It defines the eyes naturally, and it's easier to paint with cream than liquid or pencil!

Here's moi wearing the eyeliner to a date with hubby.


Holy guacamole! The liner is still intact! There's subtle fading, but it's not very evident at all in actual! As you can see on the arch of my lids, there's a faint smudging, but I assure you, you won't mind it! The smudge- proof claim is a promise! It even withstood my oily lids! And IMO, it's even better than Maybelline's lasting drama gel liner which retails at around 500- 700 bucks.

So there goes my verdict for the cream eyeliner by elf. It's cheap, economical, and it delivers. Save yourself from spending a thousand bucks! Run to your nearest ELF counter and grab one now!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas is indeed, the time of goodwill. The time to share. The time to extend a helping hand wholeheartedly. Christmas is also a time to renew bonds, celebrate blessings, and to create new beginnings.

I am sorry for the lack of posts. I've been going through my recent posts, and I've realized that my heart and passion for writing wasn't there. To be honest, I am not in the mood to write for the past month. Basically, I'm just writing for the sake of updating.

My grandmother is dying. Since the time she stopped speaking (which was caused by a stroke), everything else was downhill for her from that point. After a week since she stopped speaking, she stopped eating. The she developed a lot of bed sores. And she was hospitalized for almost a month. It cost us tons of money. And I feel bad because I can't do anything to help my mother with the bills. But I am glad that my uncle provided financial support for our ailing grandmother.

And after a week of staying in our house, she had to be brought back to the hospital again because her tube on her stomach is leaking (she's being tube- fed already). And we discovered that she already had a lot of internal infections and kidney failure. So she had to stay in the ICU for a week. For the past month, she has undergone two surgeries. But luckily, God gave her another chance at life. Her kidney has recovered and she's bound to be released before the new year. But her vital signs are still low. And it's continually degrading. Her doctors talked to us and told us to prepare for the worst.

I have been depressed. But what can I do? Death is a natural thing. But the pain that you have to go through is exhausting. I also find myself praying that God silently takes her while she's in her sleep. I can't even believe myself that I am actually praying for her eternal rest to come soon and quick! But I'd rather see her sleeping peacefully than see her cry all the time because of all the excruciating pain that she's experiencing. Oh, if my grandmother could only speak again, She'd be cursing everyone and anything for the pain that she's going through!

And all of a sudden I felt regret-- Regret for taking my grandmother for granted. But just a bit. True enough, you'll never know how much a person means to you unless he/she's gone. Or in our case: Dying.

I didn't even put up the Xmas tree. For five years in a row, it is one of my pledges to put up the Xmas tree and decorations around the house. I even start as early as October! That's how excited I am for every Christmas. But for this Xmas, the house was dull. I didn't feel like putting up any Xmas decorations. In fact, I didn't even feel Xmas amidst all the decorated buildings I pass by every time I travel. To be honest, I didn't know that yesterday was the 24th, if my hubby didn't tell me.

But then again, you have to believe that everything happens for a reason. The day my beloved Shih Tzu King died was on Xmas day. I commemorated it last night by feeding his fellow dogs a big can of wet dog food. And this Xmas of 2010, I almost lost my grandmother.

After darkness, light shines again. I vowed to take all the events in my life now peacefully. For this Xmas, I tried unloading all the pain I've went through 'cos of my Lola for the past two months. Whatever happens, I will embrace wholeheartedly. I believe that there is life after death, and a new beginning is bound to happen.

So I took out a lantern, put up some Christmas lights and decorated the door, and wrapped some gifts. It is never too late to welcome Christmas.

Anyway, I've been telling you at the start of this post that Xmas is the year of goodwill for me and my mom. Since we're talking about happy endings and new beginnings, I decided to continue our pledge to distribute "XMAS GOODIES BAGS" to impoverished people around the streets, even if mom wasn't with me last night to do the deed because she decided to celebrate Xmas with lola in the ICU.

Here are pics of our goodies bags. If you will check my Christmas '09 posts, I also have pics of our goodies bags for last xmas too.

Each bag contains a tetra pack juice drink, a sandwich, candies, cookies, cupcakes, and jelly ace candies.

And here is a wood tray chock- full of snacks for carolers and people asking for aguinaldos.

Another box full of marshmallow pieces for kid carolers.

My brother, a house helper, and I went around the streets of Makati and stopped by people scouring trash bins, sleeping on the streets, guards celebrating a lonely Xmas guarding a building, pedicab and tricycle drivers patiently and sadly waiting for a passenger to stop by and gave them a little piece of Christmas. Oh if you could only see the smile on their faces! That indeed made my Christmas merry and bright!

Cliche as it may sound, doing something like this makes you really feel how blessed you are. I may be undergoing a lot of pain, and we might be tight with cash due to Lola's unexpected illness right now, but I can't complain. We can still afford to pay for Lola's hospitalization, I can still afford to buy gifts for myself and for others, I had a pretty good noche buena, and I still sleep on a soft bed, and in an air- conditioned room. At least I am not in the streets like the people I've mentioned.

In any tough situation that I am in, I vow to always remind myself that I am still lucky. There are other people who have more problems than me.

This Christmas has been great after all.



My remaining Christmas purchases were accomplished yesterday in less than 2 hours!

Whew! The malls were less congested yesterday. I had a great and breezy time shopping. :p

Christmas hauls! :)

Factory 2 u outlet purchases. :)

A satin headband and a pouch for my ipod touch. :)

Pouches for family members.

For moi: a pink panther nightie sando and a waterproof nylon bag. I'm using this bag today as an everyday bag. It's so spacious and lightweight!

Boxer shorts for my uncles!

A fred perry tee for a cousin.

The Realm tees for my male cousins.

A studded tee for another cousin.

A petit cherie cologne for my aunt. This smells so good!

A large and a super cute loofah and clear pouches with zipper from muji.

Hubby and I are having an exchange gift this Christmas. I asked for something colorful from him, and he asked for something scary from me. So this is my exchange gift. My hubby, who's eternally on a diet, will literally be petrified at the sight of my xmas gift! Harhar!

A new perfume for me! Harajuku lovers in lil' angel and a sweet- smelling makes-me-want-to-pig-out-on-cupcakes scented red velvet cupcake pocketbac by Bath and Body works.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Thought that the title would catch your attention.

I've been wearing a lot of colors lately. So I choose to go Au Naturel for today's FOTD.


Bobbi Brown Skin foundation (Warm Natural)
Sephora Mattifying Compact Powder (d35 warm natural)


Maybelline Unstoppable Brow liner (black)
Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner (black)
Givenchy Phenomen'eyes mascara (black)


MAC Blush ombre (Springshine)


MAC Lustre Lipstick (Fresh Brew)


Here are my top 3 main headlines that put the Philippines in the hot seat.

- The Azkals gave hope to the Filipino athletes when they were part of the finals against Indonesia in a soccer tournament. This just goes to show that with enough support and subsidy from the government, the Filipino athletes can shine with their innate ability in sports.

- Pacquiao defeated Margarito, a strong and talented boxer in his recent fight in Texas. A much- awaited match against Mayweather is being requested by boxing fanatics from the pound-for-pound king.

- Families wept and rejoiced as the Vizconde Massacre was put to an end. After 15 years of waiting in jail for the court decision, Hubert Webb, along with other suspects of the Vizconde Massacre were freed. Lauro Vizconde, the father of the murdered family is still up to fight for his family's justice.


Time flies so fast, and here I am again, typing my year- end entries.

Here are my top 5 best products for 2010

- Smells lovely. I never fail to get compliments whenever I am wearing this one. And the light floral makes me smell pretty and feel pretty too!

- One of the best lipsticks I've used! Texture is fabulous, and the colors are pretty. I always find myself reaching for my GA lipsticks everyday!

- A versatile color that goes well with my nude, rose, and pink lipsticks.

- The color never fails to give my face a happy vibe! The color is so unique, and I love how it accentuates my tanned skin!

- Clean is definitely one of my most favorite discoveries for 2010. I love their fresh- smelling renditions of classic favorites!



Dear Santa,

How I wish I'd see this under my Christmas tree.

And I can also give you time until my graduation and birthday! I'm not in a hurry. And I don't mind. :p

Fred Perry Shirt (Red)






And lastly, a Harajuku Lovers Love perfume. I love the soft and feminine scent of this one!

But ultimately, I want you to whisper to God to give me my ultimate Christmas gift ever: Tell him to make lola feel better, and I hope she gets out of the ICU and celebrate at least the New Year with us.



Haul time! :)

After a looong time, I have purchased again some beauty products. :)

ELF Cream Liner in black for me, which totally impressed me, Baby Bench cologne for my cousin, and Maybelline Fruity Jelly gloss for another cousin


Sunday, December 19, 2010


Here's an initial review on CLEAN SHOWER FRESH 30ML EDP





Clean Shower Fresh by Clean is a floral fragrance for women. Clean Shower Fresh is a new fragrance and it was introduced in 2007. The fragrance features orange, orange blossom, mandarin orange, musk, jasmine, woodsy notes, lily-of-the-valley and lemon.


The time when I fell in love with Clean's Warm Cotton, I was sure that I am going to try more of Clean's fragrances. So when mom was in Singapore and asked me what I wanted as a pasalubong, I asked for a Clean perfume. I wanted to surprise myself so I told her that it's up to her on what Clean scent it's going to be. And Shower Fresh is what she got me.

Warm Cotton smells great, but Shower Fresh is love! I am a fan of anything fresh and clean- scented stuff. And that's what Shower Fresh is all about.

Shower Fresh resembles that I-just-stepped-out-of-the-shower feel and smell. The soapy aroma just revitalizes my mood so much, and it also makes me feel fresh all over. I spray this on if I feel sticky or icky at any time of the day because the smell is reminiscent of my daily bath moments. And the staying power is absolutely wonderful! The scent lingers for more than 3 hours.

What made me love this perfume more is because it reminds me of my favorite blue- colored Rugrats foaming bath soap. It was my most favorite body wash when I was young. I was so sad when it was pulled out from the local Duty Free market. I tried asking my uncle to get me some of the Rugrats soap from the USA. But apparently, my well- loved body wash was nowhere to be found there.

I am so glad that mom got me Shower Fresh as a pasalubong. It's perfect to wear on days when I want to smell anything but perfume. And best of all, it smells like my fave body wash! Lusted by friends. Approved by the boyfriend. A must- try according to The Beauty Junkee.

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